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Ski Shop

ski shop

Our shop aalborg-sport, installed within the hotel, offers the rental of ski, snowboard, snowshoe and other mountain sports and leisure equipment.

After 10 years of existence, aalborg-hotel receives many congratulations for the quality of its services, especially from customers THOMAS COOK.

The products and services we offer offer value for money that has been consistently appreciated over the years.

To meet the requirements of sports practices in ski resorts, our entire team will be able to advise and assist you in the choice of your equipment and its uses..

Our equipment storage service takes care of all the problems related to the transport and storage of your equipment: when you leave for a day of skiing your equipment is given to you and you put on your skis when you leave the store, on the track, to access the ski lifts.
When you return, your equipment is collected, stored, dried, and heated for your next outing .